Mussel Hatchery Construction Project Manager

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Inc. (PDE) is hiring a Construction Project Manager to oversee the planning, permitting and building of a wet lab. PDE is a science-based non-profit organization that has developed the technology to propagate fresh water mussels in the laboratory and plans to re-populate the dwindling presence of fresh water mussels in the Susquehanna and Delaware River Watersheds. This $10 million-plus project is funded primarily by PENNVEST will be located on the outskirts of Philadelphia. This position is a two-year temporary, flexible-time exempt salaried position that pays $78,000 per year.

PDE is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified persons are encouraged to apply regardless of religious affiliation, race, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or any other category that is, or becomes, protected.


The Construction Project Manager plans and oversees the design and construction of a Fresh Water Mussel Hatchery to be located on the outskirts of Philadelphia.


  • Manages the design and construction of the building
  • Proposes the contracting method (design/build, design/bid/build)
  • Manages the contractor selection process (pre-qualifying contractors, preparing bid documents, completing bid evaluations and making contractor recommendations)
  • Oversees the day-to-day management of the design and construction contractors
  • Works with the selected design contractor to build a large scale mussel hatchery
  • Reviews the design contractor’s work to ensure it meets functional requirements
  • Oversees construction to ensure it meets the design requirements and is delivered on schedule and within budget
  • Manages the budget and schedule
  • Establishes the construction schedule, manages schedule changes throughout construction and ensures that the targeted in-service date is met
  • Manages the budget to meet funding constraints
  • Reviews and approves invoices and progress reports to the funder(s)
  • Manages the change order process with contractors and funders
  • Reports the status of the budget, cash flow and schedule to management
  • Immediately notifies management of any construction changes that might cause the construction to exceed the funding amount or that might cause the construction completion to extend beyond the planned in-service date
  • Manages the permitting process
  • Researches the Federal, State and City permit requirements
  • Is responsible for applying for the required permits
  • Ensures that permit fees are paid on time
  • Ensures that permit requirements are clearly defined
  • Ensures that the responsible parties comply with the permit requirements



  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering or construction management disciplines
  • 10 years of experience managing construction projects of similar size and complexity
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to plan and hold meetings among project partners, contractors and committees
  • Proven construction project management skills, including time management, budget/schedule management, and reporting
  • Leadership and supervisory skills including a demonstrated ability to manage contractors
  • General computer skills, including good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and construction project management software
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills; experience presenting to group
  • Ability to speak, read and write English
  • Valid United States driver’s license


Time spent in this position will be divided between PDEs offices in Wilmington, DE and the construction location along the Schuylkill River in the Philadelphia city limits. There may be occasional evening or weekend work hours.


The incumbent must be able to lift and carry light loads (up to 30 pounds) and be able to sit and stand for at least 3 hours, provide their own correctable vision and hearing equipment and have no physical restrictions that would prevent performance of the duties in this job description.


Reports to: Senior Science Director

Direct Reports: none

To apply, please send your resume with cover letter to Nancy Descano.

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Shellfish Specialist

The Shellfish Specialist collects, enters, organizes and analyzes scientific results from diverse research and restoration projects that focus on native species of bivalve shellfish such as oysters and freshwater mussels.


1. Assists with research and restoration projects for PDE’s Freshwater Mussel Recovery Program and Delaware Estuary Living Shoreline Initiative.
o Performs office, field, and laboratory tasks using established SOPs and methods.
o Assists with research experiments and field monitoring to discern ecosystem services provided by bivalve mollusks.
o Support with data management including data entry, archiving, and analysis.
o Help prepare technical reports and research proposals.
o Compiles and shares results via professional presentations.

2. Provides project support for the Mussels for Clean Water Initiative.
o Contributes to organizing technical meetings and coordinate communications with partners.
o Assists with research and development of mussel propagation and rearing methods.
o Performs literature reviews and organizes technical documents.
o Help prepare science translation products such as fact sheets and web content.

3. Performs departmental duties
o Support the oyster shell recycling program as needed.
o Provides field and laboratory assistance for diverse science projects, as requested.
o Helps to maintain data quality and assurance.
o Maintains all state and federal scientific permits related to shellfish programs.
o Create and edit diverse scientific content for physical and digital media.
o Supports citizen science and outreach programs, as requested.

4. Completes other duties as assigned.

1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in a life or environmental science field .
2. 1 year of experience working with bivalve shellfish (experience with both freshwater and saltwater species is preferred).
3. General understanding of environmental and ecological sciences.
4. Experience working in a laboratory setting.
5. Field experience such as wading, boating, and snorkeling in coastal bays and rivers.
6. High level of safety awareness.
7. Ability to work cooperatively on a field team and independently on office/data tasks.
8. Ability to swim and work in various field conditions.
9. Strong organizational skills, adaptability, and efficiency.
10. Strong interpersonal skills to contribute to diverse teams of PDE staff and external partners.
11. Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and statistical software. ArcGIS experience is preferred.
12. Excellent written/oral communication skills
13. Valid United States driver’s license.

Time spent in this position will be split between being in an office setting and outdoors (including wetlands, creeks, lakes, and rivers throughout the Delaware Estuary). Occasionally, there will be tasks completed in a warehouse facility as well as a laboratory. Work hours may shift dependent on the tides or project assignment. Long hours and weekend work will occasionally be necessary.

The incumbent should be able to lift 50 pounds. The incumbent should be able to sit and stand for at least 5 hours at a time.

Reports to: Shellfish Coordinator
Direct reports: none

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Wetland Fellow

The Wetland Fellow assists with field, laboratory and office tasks associated with diverse science monitoring programs, especially those related to wetland projects. The incumbent also assists in collecting, entering, organizing, and analyzing data. The Fellow additionally provides meeting support while promoting ecological principles in all activities. The Wetland Fellow performs long-term and short-term wetland monitoring activities, as well as executes tasks associated with habitat and water quality improvement projects.


1. Conducts field assessments of tidal wetland condition and monitoring
o Takes field measurements of biological, chemical and physical conditions using standardized methodologies to characterize wetland health, function and stressors, and translates results to guide wetland best management practices.
o Help in the planning of field research, monitoring projects, wetland assessments.
o Leads small field crews, assists in coordination of field activities with partners, and ensure that all field personnel adhere to PDE field safety protocols.

2. Conducts and promotes wetland research
o Support the Wetland Coordinator and other PDE senior science staff in developing grant proposals.
o Assists with coordination and facilitation of meetings or workshops with partners.
o Presents data and progress of wetland projects to diverse audiences.

3. Completes related office tasks such as data entry, analysis, reporting, attending and organizing meetings.
o Contribute to the completion of interim or final reports for wetland projects.
o Assists in the preparation of scientific research for peer-review.
o Ensures data meets quality assurance objectives.

4. Completes other duties as assigned.

1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in a life science or environmental science field.
2. At least 6 months of experience conducting scientific research in wetlands or coastal environments.
3. Strong understanding of the principles of environmental sciences, biology and/or ecology.
4. Familiarity with the native fauna and flora of the Delaware Estuary.
5. Excellent organizational and problem solving skills.
6. Strong team and leadership skills, such as experience coordinating field crews. Ability to work cooperatively on a team and independently on field, office, and data tasks.
7. Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite, as well as data entry and analysis; statistics, GIS, and Adobe Creative Suite experience, a plus.
8. Excellent written/oral communication skills, including technical writing experience (reports or publications); experience with multi-partner coordination and oral presentations a plus.
9. Valid United States driver’s license.

This position requires performing tasks in both the office and outdoors (in wetlands, forests, or rivers of the estuary). Occasionally, there will be tasks completed in a storage/warehouse or laboratory facility. Work hours may shift dependent on the tides or project assignment. Occasionally, there will be a need to work on a weekend day.

The incumbent should be able to lift 50 pounds. The incumbent should be able to sit and stand for at least 4 hours at a time.

Reports to: Wetland Coordinator
Direct reports: None

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