Nominations Welcome

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is seeking nominations for new members of its Board of Directors. Minimum qualifications include:

  • Residency in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania
  • Organizational associations or interests that have a stake in the environmental well being of the Delaware Estuary via the following business sectors: academics, commercial and corporate, economic development, environment/conservation, local government, public and recreation, and regional planning
  • Demonstrated experience and ability in activities related to the PDE’s needs, including, but not limited to: accounting, estuarine science, fundraising, law, public participation and education, and programs or activities identified in the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, such as conservation, land and watershed management, pollution prevention, and more.

To be considered for nomination, please e-mail an expression of interest and your resume or CV to Executive Director, Kathy Klein.



Executive Committee

Joe Tarsavage

Vice Chair
Carol R. Collier, P.P., AICP
The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Helen L. Gregory

Jill E. Voorhees, CPA, MS
SWM International

David J. Athey, P.E.

Lawrence D. Malizzi, PG


Board Members

Shahjabin Alam (Juni), P.E.

Colleen M. Arnold, P.E.
Aqua America, Inc.

Patty Elkis
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Dr. David Bushek
Rutgers University’s Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory

Laura Copeland
Philadelphia Water Department

Michael Dillon
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

Craig. P. Durand, CHMM
TTI Environmental, Inc.

Katie Eberhart


Ron Heun

Roxanne E. Jayne, ESQ
Law Office of Roxanne E Jayne, LLC

Kristina Kesack, P.E.
Lockheed Martin

Gus Mergenthaler, P.E.
Tetra Tech, Inc.

Jeffrey Pantazes

David Small
Duffield Associates

Advisory Committee

Elizabeth Archer
Anne Klein Communications Group

Laura Bishop
Laura Bishop Communications

Leon Chain
Aqua America, Inc.

Joanne Dahme
Philadelphia Water

Calvin M. Davenger, Jr.
Philadelphia International Airport

Michael P. De Luca
Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University

Joe DiBello

Nicholas A. DiPasquale
Chesapeake Bay Program

Kevin Donnelly
New Castle County Conservation District

Dave Ennis

Ted Erickson
Pennsylvania State Senate

James M. Falk
University of Delaware Sea Grant

Leonard Fasullo
Shire Pharmaceuticals Group

Ann Faulds
Pennsylvania Sea Grant

Dorina Frizzera

Thomas W. Fromm
Cogentrix Energy, Inc.

Anndria Gaerity

Glenn Gauvry
Ecological Resource and Development Group

Marc E. Gold
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

Robert D. Goldman, P.G.
TRC Companies, Inc.

Brenda H. Gotanda, LEED AP
Manko, Gold, Katcher & Fox, LLP

Ed Grusheski

Marilyn Heffley
Sunoco, Inc.

Charnelle Hicks
CHPlanning, Ltd.

Judi Jeffers
Delaware State Parks

Gerald J. Kauffman, P.E.
University of Delaware, Water Resources Agency

Susan Kilham, Ph.D.
Drexel University

Dave Kitts
Mannington Mills

Ginny Kreitler
Kreitler Research & Consulting, LLC

Charles J. Lawrence

Frederick Lewis
Center in the Park

Eric Lienhard, P.E.
Hazen and Sawyer

Preston Luitweiler
Aqua America, Inc.

Dan Martin
Marathon Consulting

Ann K. Masse, Ph.D.

Mike McCabe
McCabe Associates

Carla Miner
Northeast Boaters Almanac & Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate

Howard M. Neukrug
HN Environmental Consulting

Jeffrey J. Pantazes

Joni L. Powell

Jonathan E. Rinde
Manko, Gold Katcher & Fox, LLP

Juhan Runne, Esq.
Archer & Greiner, P.C.

Eric Schrading
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Scott J. Schwarz
Philadelphia Water

Jonathan Sharp, Ph.D.
University of Delaware,College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

Pamela Tudor
Tudor Consulting

David Velinsky, Ph.D.
Patrick Center for Environmental Research

Matthew S. Winters
Wawa, Inc.

Fred Wood
Wawa, Inc.