Climate Change Data and Reports

Year Publication
2012 Climate Change - Chapter 7 of the Technical Report for the Delaware River & Basin (pp. 225-241)


2011 Weathering Change: Working with Nature to Protect Communities and Clean Waters.

Pledge: Take Action for Weathering Change

2011 Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risk. Vulnerability Assessment & Planning Workshop Results & Recommendations. Delaware County, PA.
2010 Climate Change and the Delaware Estuary: Three Case Studies in Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Planning. Partnership fo the Delaware Estuary, Report No. 10-01. 1 –117 pp. Full Report + Appendicies

Appendix A – Analysis of Climate Simulations
Apendix B – Potential Impact of Climate Change on Salinity
Appendix C – Analysis of heat waves in models and observations
Appendix F – Tidal Wetlands Case Study
Appendix G – Application of Ecological and Economic Models of the Impacts of Sea-Level Rise
Appendix H – Tidal Wetland Case Study Survey Results. Industrial Economics Incorporated
Appendix I – Impacts of Climate Change on Drinking Water Supplys. Conolly, P. and Thorpe, N
Appendix J – Drinking Water Resource List
Appendix K – Climate Change Impacts on Water Supply Wells. Bennett, J
Appendix L – Conservation BMPs to Cut Demand of Potable Water. Bennett, J
Appendix M – Drinking Water Case Study Survey Results. Kreeger, D. and Kraeuter, J
Appendix O – Oysters in the Delaware Bay – Climate Change. Kraeuter, J
Appendix N – Ecologically Significant Bivalve Molluscs.
Appendix P – Bivalve Shellfish Case Study Survey Results