What is the Urban Waters Federal Partnership?

The goal of the Urban Waters Federal Partnership (UWFP) is to restore and reconnect urban communities, particularly those that are overburdened or economically distressed, to waterways by improving coordination among federal agencies. There are 19 different Designated Urban Waters Locations in this national program. Each Urban Waters location collaborates with local community-led revitalization efforts to improve water systems and promote their economic, environmental, and social benefits.
You can learn more about Urban Waters here.

Urban Waters and the Greater Philadelphia Area/Delaware River Watershed

The Greater Philadelphia Area/Delaware River Watershed Urban Waters Federal Partnership encompasses four major urban areas:

    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Wilmington, DE
    • Camden, NJ
    • Chester, PA

This location includes these major cities as well as the surrounding suburban and rural landscape. Over 15 million people (roughly 5 percent of the nation’s population) rely on the waters of the Delaware River Basin for drinking, agricultural and industrial use.
Challenge areas for this UWFP location include:

    • Stormwater management
    • Erosion and flooding control
    • Source water protection
    • Restoring lost habitat
    • Enhancing overall waterway health
    • Protecting community investments
    • Pursuing environmental justice
    • Promoting public access

You can learn more about this Urban Waters location here.

Delaware River UWFP Contacts

Emily Baumbach
Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
Estuary Program Coordinator/Urban Waters Ambassador

Kathy Klein
Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
Executive Director

Simeon Hahn
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Krista Heinlen
Davey Institute / USDA Forest Service

Flavia Rutkosky
United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Catherine King
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 3
Region 3 Urban Waters Program Coordinator

Megan Mackey
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 3

For any questions about the UWFP at the Delaware River location, please reach out to Emily Baumbach.

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