Kathy Klein

Director of Donor Engagement

Kathy Klein is PDE’s Interim Executive Director.

Although she recently stepped into this role, it is a familiar one for her. Klein served as PDE’s executive director from 1997 to 2007.

Klein has worked to improve environmental quality in the Delaware River Watershed for the past 30 years and has been a leader in development, strategic planning, and programmatic design and implementation efforts for several regional organizations. Most recently, she was executive director of the Water Resources Association of the Delaware River Basin.

Klein has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She resides in Wilmington, Delaware, and likes to spend weekends enjoying the Delaware River in Stockton, NJ with her family and Golden Retriever, Trooper.

To contact Klein, please call (302) 655-4990, extension 110, or email kklein@delawareestuary.org.