Proceedings from May 2008 "Climate Change in the Delaware Estuary" Workshop


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A one-day workshop and "Town Square" forum that is being convened by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences. Its purpose is to exchange information and views regarding the potential impacts of climate change on the Delaware Estuary and its watershed.

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Radley Horton, Ph.D., climatologist, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
“From global to regional: worldwide and regional perspectives on climate change.”

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Amy Shallcross, P.E., Supervisor, Operations Section, Delaware River Basin
“Water Balance, Freshwater Flow, and Precipitation Associated with
Climate Change in the Delaware Estuary Watershed.”
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Michael Craghan, Ph.D. Director, Middle Atlantic Center for Geography &
Environmental Studies
“Sea-level Rise, Salt Marshes, and Coastal Systems.”
Michael Kearney, Ph.D. Professor, College of Geography, University of Maryland
“Assessing the Response of Coastal Marshes to Sea Level Rise at a Coast-wide
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David Velinsky, Ph.D. Vice-President, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
“Impact of climate change on water quality and biogeochemical processes.”

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Danielle Kreeger, Ph.D., Science Director, Partnership for the Delaware Estuary
“Climate Change, Watershed Change and Ecological Interactions in Tomorrow’s Delaware Estuary”
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Howard Neukrug, Director of the Office of Watersheds for the Philadelphia Water Department “Water Purveyor Concerns” Download Report PPT (21 MB)
Robert Graff, Manager, Economic Analysis & Coordination and Climate Change Initiative – Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
“Regional Planning Impacts”
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Andrew E. Huemmler, Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Science department, University of Pennsylvania.
“Environmental Policy and Technical Solutions”
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Robert Haddad, Chief of Assessment and Restoration – National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration
“Adaptation Strategies - What’s happening in other places”
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Why? Interest in climate change is mounting regionally and across the nation. This comes as a result of growing awareness and public will to both adapt to, and potentially mitigate for, projected impacts. This workshop will provide an opportunity for scientists, resource managers, and planners, among others, to come together and discuss the latest climate-change information and the highest-priority needs in a regional, watershed-based context.

1. To develop consensus on the most pressing science and management needs associated with climate change in the Delaware Estuary
2. To summarize the public's case for these needs and a course of action for addressing climate change in our region
3. To engage the public in discussing these topics during an evening Town Square meeting


For More Information
, please contact: Danielle Kreeger or David Velinsky. The schedule is appended below.

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