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Annual Report

Annual Report

Dear friends,

I’m pleased to share with your our 2016 Annual Report.

In 2016 the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary celebrated its 20th anniversary. While the journey we’ve been on as an organization since 1996 is astounding, you may be surprised to learn how long this partnership was in the making.

Our beginning can be traced all the way back to the Clean Water Act of 1972. It then continued for several decades, fueled by the vision and passion of innumerable people. Their hard work eventually culminated in a plan agreed to by the governors of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the acceptance of the Delaware Estuary into the National Estuary Program, and the creation of PDE.

Today, PDE continues to grow. We have a staff of 20 supported by a strong board of directors, a scientific advisory committee, a management conference made up of agencies from around the region, and hundreds of local partners. With 20 years of accomplishments and experience, we’re revising the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary for the first time.

For me though, the importance of our work here at PDE all comes back to a feeling. It’s the feeling you get outdoors that cannot be manufactured or duplicated. It’s that deep breath you take, while looking at a shimmering bay or babbling brook, or listening to a forest alive with bird song. It’s a feeling I want everyone to share and one that needs to be safeguarded for the next generation.

Jennifer A. Adkins
Executive Director



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