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Cartoon characterYo, kids! Do you know what an estuary is? It's where the river meets the sea! Take it from me, it's an exciting place to live. That's why we should all work together to protect places like the Delaware Estuary.

To find out more, click on the many links below. These activities are lots of fun, and they're great to do with friends!

Activity Booklets

Delaware Kids
Discover a Boatload About Water!
What Wilmington river do you live by?

Philly Kids
Yo! What do you know about water?

Jersey Kids
Yum! New Jersey Seafood

Individual Activities

Board Game
Wacky About Water!

Coloring Activities
Critters of Delaware Bay
Animals of Philadelphia
Yum! New Jersey Seafood

Comic Strip
Go to the Head of the Class with These Tips

Cut Out
King-tide Crown*

Crossword Puzzles
Delaware Estuary Crossword
Answers to "Delaware Estuary Crossword"

Clean-water Crossword
Answers to "Clean-water Crossword"

Where Does Water Come From?

The Delaware Estuary: What river do you live by?
What Philly river do you live by?
What Wilmington river do you live by?

Maze Activities
The a-MAZE-ing Estuary!
The a-MAZE-ing Journey of Water

Word Search
Fishin' for Words
Answers to "Fishin' for Words"


"H2O Jo Takes a Trip Down the Storm Drain"
"Crash: A Tale of Two Species" on Nature and PBS

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Teachers, let the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary light the way to water education. For more information, please contact Program Director, Lisa Wool, at (800) 445-4935, extension 105, or

Other Great Websites

Clear Into the Future
Energy Hog
Exploring Estuaries
EPA's Fish Kids
Thank You Delaware Bay

Each of the activities on this Web page is a PDF file. If you like them, you might also like our annual art contest.

*King tides occur twice a year, or once during spring and once during fall. Click here for further details (PDF file).