Kids & Teachers

Activity Booklets

Delaware Kids 
• Discover a Boatload About Water!
• What Wilmington river do you live by?

Philly Kids
• Yo! What do you know about water?

Jersey Kids
• Yum! New Jersey Seafood

Individual Activities

Board Game
Wacky About Water!

Coloring Activities
Critters of Delaware Bay
• Animals of Philadelphia
• Yum! New Jersey Seafood

Comic Strip
Go to the Head of the Class with These Tips

Cut Out
King-tide Crown*

Crossword Puzzles
Delaware Estuary Crossword
• Answers to "Delaware Estuary Crossword"

• Clean-water Crossword
• Answers to "Clean-water Crossword"

Where Does Water Come From?

• The Delaware Estuary: What river do you live by?
• What Philly river do you live by?
• What Wilmington river do you live by?

Maze Activities
• The a-MAZE-ing Estuary!
• The a-MAZE-ing Journey of Water

Word Search
Fishin' for Words
• Answers to "Fishin' for Words"


• "H2O Jo Takes a Trip Down the Storm Drain"
• "Crash: A Tale of Two Species" on Nature and PBS

Other Great Websites

• Clear Into the Future
• Energy Hog
• Exploring Estuaries
• EPA's Fish Kids
• Thank You Delaware Bay

Each of the activities on this Web page is a PDF file. If you like them, you might also like our annual art contest.

*King tides occur twice a year, or once during spring and once during fall. Click here for further details (PDF file).

Child with posterA visitor to the Wilmington Earth Day Celebration discovers her city in a light thanks to an educational map provided by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. (Credit: Elizabeth Horsey of the PDE)