Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

Discover the Stories Behind Our Programs

We collected stories showcasing some of the impacts the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE) had on people and communities across our tri-state region this year. From a teen having the experience of wading in the Brandywine looking for mussels, to a seasoned community leader planning to protect his township from storm surge, the PDE’s efforts are impacting a wide range of people throughout the estuary. Support from those of you who depend on the Delaware and area creeks for your drinking water, economic livelihood and recreation is playing an increasingly important role in our yearly budget planning. Please enjoy these photos and stories as the year comes to a close. And please help us increase our impact by making a year-end donation today!

Register for the PDE's 4-day Summit in Jan.

Over 250 people will discover and share environmental projects, programs and research during a four-day summit on January 25-28 in Cape May, New Jersey. The Delaware Estuary Science & Environmental Summit will feature intriguing presentations, lively discussions, and cutting-edge science. This mid-winter retreat is a unique opportunity to connect with others working for the health and future of the Delaware River and Bay in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Please click here to register today. There you can find all the details surrounding this biennial event, the theme of which is Balancing Progress & Protection — 10 Years of Science in Action. Please contact Elizabeth Horsey to ask questions or Debbie Heaton to become a sponsor.

Help Wanted

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is seeking qualified candidates for the full-time position of office manager (PDF file). This professional will work closely with the director of finance and administration to keep the office and its financial accounting running smoothly. He or she will also provide administrative support to the executive director, Board of Directors, and staff for major events. Those who wish to apply should submit a resume and references to Gus Wolfe by December 29.

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary

The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary is a nonprofit organization established in 1996 to take a leadership role in protecting and enhancing the Delaware Estuary, where fresh water from the Delaware River mixes with salt water from the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of 28 Congressionally designated National Estuary Programs throughout the coastal United States working to improve the environmental health of the nation's estuaries. Its staff works with partners in three states to increase awareness, understanding, and scientific knowledge about the Delaware Estuary, the region's most important cultural, economic, and recreational resource.


The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, a National Estuary Program, leads science-based and collaborative efforts to improve the tidal Delaware River and Bay, which spans Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.