[SOLD OUT!] Horseshoe Crab Stuffed Animals

Price: $12.99 (shipping included)

The Delaware Estuary is the world’s largest spawning ground for horseshoe crabs. Their eggs are an important source of food for many species, especially shorebirds. Please help the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary protect these animals by purchasing this attractive arthropod for only $12.99.

We are also sold out of our wholesale horseshoe crab stuffed animals. To sign up for email notifications of when they’ll be back in stock, please contact Sarah Morales. You may also reach her at (302) 655-4990, ext. 106.

Special pricing is available for large orders of 10 or more items.

Environmental License Plates

Price: $35

Collaboration with the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles has allowed the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary to benefit from the sale of special environmental license plates. For every license plate purchased, $10 goes directly to the PDE and Center for the Inland Bays to support environmental projects. Do your part to protect and enhance tidal bays and rivers by purchasing this attractive plate today. Click here for a mail order form and directions (PDF file), or click here to order online.

Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate to the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary when you shop at AmazonSmile. This makes it easier than ever to support clean water, healthy habitats, and plentiful wildlife — every time you shop.