Open Houses

September 12, 2017 Event
Experts at open house

Dr. Danielle Kreeger of the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary greets experts at a Healthy Habitats Workshop on January 9 at the PSEG Energy & Environmental Resource Center in Salem, New Jersey. (Credit: Shaun Bailey of PDE)

After 20 years, the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Delaware Estuary (CCMP) is being revised. The Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE) is taking the lead to assemble collective action and enhance the tidal Delaware River and Bay. In late 2016 and early 2017, more than 230 experts representing 70 organizations across the Estuary participated in CCMP revision workshops (pictured). These experts contributed their knowledge on the three overarching themes outlined in the revision process. These themes include Clean Water, Strong Communities, and Healthy Habitats.

Results emerging from these workshops included crafting a refined list of strategies feasible for implementation. Each strategy was also assessed and tailored to minimize vulnerability to climate change.

The next phase of the CCMP revision included stakeholder engagement sessions. Through a series of open house-style workshops, local partners and community members explored new ideas that have yet to be captured in the revision process. Thanks to all who participated!
Incorporating the latest research and monitoring techniques through scientific expertise, PDE looks forward to continuing to guide and participate in this process. A revised CCMP will establish measurable targets for the next 10 years to improve habitat, water quality, and community resilience in and around the Delaware Estuary.

How You Can Help

Didn’t get to attend one of stakeholder engagement session? It’s not too late to give us your input. Use the open house registration link to access the refined list of strategies and an online form for providing feedback. We’ll also be seeking public comments on a more complete draft of the revised CCMP in Spring of 2018.